Wear CANADA Proud

We are so excited CAFA and FASHION MAGAZINE asked us to be a part of the WEAR CANADA PROUD shopping event happening June 16-17, 2020 to jumpstart and help the fashion industry in Canada rebound from the COVID19 pandemic.

GOGO will be offering 20% off all sweaters for the 2 day shopping event. All you have to do is visit the WEARCANADAPROUD.com website and find out what the promo code is. Then you shop as usual on gogosweaters.com

We hope you will join us for this fabulous event and help support Canadian fashion!

Broccoli Sprouts


I love Dr. Rhonda Patrick! I first learned of her listening to a Joe Rogan Podcast.  She reports A LOT about the health benefits of Sulforaphane which is richly found in Broccoli Sprouts.  Watch the video below to learn in detail why these little sprouts are so good at combating cancer/age.

If you found this video interesting you also might find her video on how to make the most out of broccoli sprouts and how to increase their health benefits even more by heating the sprouts to 70 degrees for 10 mins ! Check out the video below.

Finally you don’t have to break the bank buying Broccoli Sprouts at the store. The ones I have been buying are $4.99 for a small box! It is VERY easy to grow your own broccoli sprouts at home which I am going to start doing today. See the easy to follow video below.

Here are the convenient purchase links for you. If you purchase using these links, I will make a small commission. I appreciate it!


Sprouting Mason Jar Lids

Water Thermometer

I hope you found this interesting.  It’s important that we do everything we can to improve our health and say fit so we can enjoy the mountains and the snow for many years!





When most people hear MOON BOOTS they think of the 70s.  The chubby foam boots were super popular in the 1970s and have made a continuous comeback, seen on Snow Babes all over the world.

I have loved Moon Boots for many years. My mum sold them in her store Mountain Magic Sportswear in Banff. I always had a pair growing up. They are by far the warmest boots I have ever owned. They have a nice stacked sole that raises you up a good inch off the ground. As well, they are lined with cushy foam making them super comfy.  They come in a ton of colours and make your feet look small.

Some people think Moon Boots are only for glitzy SNOW BABES but you can make them look pretty cool and down to earth if you balance them out with a classic jacket. Make sure to have either fitted pants to tuck inside the boots or a very wide leg pant that doesn’t touch the boot. A regular flare pant that fits tight next to the boot will only end up looking strange.

BABE TIP: Moon Boots group their sizes because of the foam 35-38, 39-41. I recommend buying them comfortably snug. I’m an 8.5 US and always buy the 35-38 size. The foam will compact and get very loose if you buy them to fit.

Check out some of the ways to wear Moon Boots and find the style that best suits you!


You can purchase moon boots HERE.

Why I started The Snow Babe.


7 years ago before I left my small home town of Banff for Toronto, Canada the phrase “Snow Babe” popped into my brain. It started as a design for my knitwear line GOGO Sweaters, but now, several years later I feel it also is a phrase that describes a lifestyle and an attitude around mountain culture. More specifically this attitude from a female perspective.

I want The Snow Babe blog to be a place where woman can go to get inspiration about mountain life and find out what is new and hot or even what is classic about time spent in the mountains.

I want to hear your stories, your favourite places, products and share our experiences. Make sure to tag #thesnowbabe on your social sites so we can follow along.

I look forward to this new endeavour and how it can bring we Snow Babes together.