Lets GOGO To The Lake

You know the feeling. Pack up the car, putting on that carefully curated road trip playlist, snacks for the way and hitting the open road. Going to the lake, no matter how long it takes to get there, is always a vibe. There is something about being at the lake that is this carefree, lake hair, tinted moisturizer type of feeling. Let’s be real though; hikes, boat rides, friends and sunsets are not the only reason we get excited to head to the lake.

Snacks are not the only thing we packed. The perfectly curated lake wardrobe is half the fun and thats just it, the lake wardrobe is nothing but fun. Sweats, denim shorts, bathing suits and DUH your GOGO sweater are all staples. Dare we even say now more than ever; socks and sandals are also totally accepted. Dad’s wardrobe is our real life Pinterest board. Welcome Birkenstocks, which are now totally a staple. Sorry to those who have been in on the “secret” and are currently rolling their eyes because they have always rocked the stocks. For those who take the lux brick road, they can even go a step further and velcro on a pair of chic Chanel dad sandals. I mean even look at your average cooler that got a major overhaul. Yes, I said cooler! The once textured hard plastic, matrix like grid lid (that your parents probably still have somewhere in the basement), “retro 90’s” cooler (just aged a few of us) got a major overhaul. The new era of chic coolers, because I mean how else are you going to transport your Whispering Angel Rosé, is here. Having a Yeti is like rocking a Louis Vuitton Neverfull at the lake. 

Just like Yeti, where the colours and options are endless, GOGO LITERALLY has a sweater for every adventure you may have at the lake. Car ride up to the lake, check. Sitting by the fire, obviously marshmallows in hand, check. Boat sweater, check check. Plus now the Lake Girl comes in not only our classic wool but GOGO’s new buttery soft cotton but also the new Jersey knit. 

Pack your GOGO Sweater, bucket hat, bathing suit and your swan float. Vibrant hues of blue waters are calling!

4 thoughts on “Lets GOGO To The Lake

  1. Beautiful patterns..
    Just wondering as an avid sweater knitter have you thought of selling your patterns.
    I m not talking about yarn and colors. But just sizes and shapes?

    Would be interested in that..
    Katrin Cooper


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