Broccoli Sprouts


I love Dr. Rhonda Patrick! I first learned of her listening to a Joe Rogan Podcast.  She reports A LOT about the health benefits of Sulforaphane which is richly found in Broccoli Sprouts.  Watch the video below to learn in detail why these little sprouts are so good at combating cancer/age.

If you found this video interesting you also might find her video on how to make the most out of broccoli sprouts and how to increase their health benefits even more by heating the sprouts to 70 degrees for 10 mins ! Check out the video below.

Finally you don’t have to break the bank buying Broccoli Sprouts at the store. The ones I have been buying are $4.99 for a small box! It is VERY easy to grow your own broccoli sprouts at home which I am going to start doing today. See the easy to follow video below.

Here are the convenient purchase links for you. If you purchase using these links, I will make a small commission. I appreciate it!


Sprouting Mason Jar Lids

Water Thermometer

I hope you found this interesting.  It’s important that we do everything we can to improve our health and say fit so we can enjoy the mountains and the snow for many years!


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