Why I started The Snow Babe.


7 years ago before I left my small home town of Banff for Toronto, Canada the phrase “Snow Babe” popped into my brain. It started as a design for my knitwear line GOGO Sweaters, but now, several years later I feel it also is a phrase that describes a lifestyle and an attitude around mountain culture. More specifically this attitude from a female perspective.

I want The Snow Babe blog to be a place where woman can go to get inspiration about mountain life and find out what is new and hot or even what is classic about time spent in the mountains.

I want to hear your stories, your favourite places, products and share our experiences. Make sure to tag #thesnowbabe on your social sites so we can follow along.

I look forward to this new endeavour and how it can bring we Snow Babes together.



2 thoughts on “Why I started The Snow Babe.

  1. I lived in Banff and Mountain Magic was the source of my top, still memorable, favourite outfits. My last day in Banff, all packed and ready to go, I found your GOGO sweaters and fell in love with the cowboy instantly. I took a mental note of the label and had to leave it behind. No internet then to follow up on it but I am sure I planned on returning another winter.
    So….all these years later I found cool sweaters at Saffron Road in London, ON. I saw your GOGO label and I was instantly back in Banff, the clear blue sky, white white snow and fresh tracks above the trees…Sighhh.
    The woman at the shop pulled up your catalogue and there it was! The cowboy sweater of too many years ago. I ordered it and at twice my age now as I was back then I’ll be finally smashing in it this fall.


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